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Who We Are?

Hi and welcome to “Break the mold” miniatures.

We are a new fresh miniature company that want to push our hobby to the next level.Create new concepts and help you to improve, so you could make your own stories is our main goal. 

We really believe in art and talent, so we use Break The Mold for promote this hobby and create new ways of expression. If you are a concept artist, sculptor, or you think this kind of project suits you, write us a mail. We can create new miniatures together. Cool right?

 Pre-orders opens only a limited time!

We make Top Notch Miniatures.

We only open our pre-orders a very limited time.

This is because we take a limited number of Pre-orders for each miniature model, so we can delivery to you special miniatures with great quality and in a very short amount of time. Also, in gratitude for your early purchase, we always offer great discounts even free shipping services!

Every time that we open the Pre-order status for the new miniature release, we also open a pre-order for another old model from the catalogue. 

So you can buy the new release with great offers, but only if you arrived in time for the Pre-order time! Remember, limited copies and top notch products.

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What we do?

We don’t stick to the norm and this is a place where the nonconformist that lives in you can be satisfied. That’s why you will always find amazing and original figures. “Break the mold” is all about creativity and uniqueness.

We prefer acts above words, so stick around. You won’t get tired of our ideas. 

Worldwide shipping

We want to offer you the best shipping options. Fast and tracked shipping methods only. Get your miniatures in perfect shape!

Excellent customer service

Anytime, we make sure your order is safe, and fulfill all your needs. Well, miniature needs of course.

Secure Checkout

You trust in us. So we have a strong security payment method and protect all your data.