Break The Mold Miniatures

So we all love miniatures here, right? From wood elves to futuristic police officers. But sometimes you feel like you’ve seen all. Maybe I need for something new, something new out there…

“Break the mold miniatures” was created with the intention to be the spark for a new era of miniatures. Not just like something you paint or have in your shelf, but as a living thing. A miniature that has its own story. The great thing is that you can be the creator of that story. 

btm miniatures
“Be bold. Do what the ordinary fear” - Anonymous
Sara Ariza
Sara Ariza

Also, well…We want to truly live up to our name.  So we will try different things. Some ideas could be in your head already. But also there will be a whole range of new and amazing concepts. 

We will keep on changing to always give you unique things. Like our exclusive range of miniatures you will see in the near future. 

Our plan to always stay fresh will have a special place for artist. Painters, sculptors, illustrators…you are all welcome in “Break the mold”. If you want to know more, click here. 

We hope that you can live all the adventures you desire and more. See you in the worlds out there!