Everything started as a blurry idea about the 80’s. We thought: “what is the soul of this decade?” The music! So instantly the memory of a walkman popped out in our minds. But who can forget the looks? We didn’t! So we create Chloe.

concept art Chloe btm

In almost all places in the world, we are influenced by the same films, songs and clothes. So Chloe was the perfect mix of all the 80’s references. 

We have the cool music, the amazing looks and the personality of someone who is “breaking the mold”. She’s not like an usual person but at the same time she’s so relatable you can swear you know her. 

Ok, but why didn’t you choose a warrior orc? 

We had this great idea and it really fitted our brand concept. So we jumped in. Maybe Chloe doesn’t seems like a warrior but she’s one herself. 

Or fighting with your teachers and passing your exams wasn’t hard for you at her age?

Design and Idea: Sara Ariza. Concept art : Iván aka "BlocSanchez"
logo break the mold