From my point of view, miniatures have come a long way. Talking about fantasy wargames, it all began around the 80’s ( something that inspired us to make Chloe too! “Who’s Chloe?” you’re maybe thinking. Check it out here). The 80’s were the beginning of lots of geek things that are huge hits right now. 

About miniatures everything was new. There weren’t just figures because they had a whole and complex world behind. You weren’t playing only with little toys but building your army and fighting your wars. That was so cool!

After that, world wargames grew and grew. And then some people started to paint the figures a little more artistic than the average. Some people even painted figures for others and they became pro-painters. With painted miniatures it was even easier to imagine the whole lore of the game you were playing. Stories became even more real. 

In order to fulfil this new hobby, some brands started to offer miniatures not for play but only for painting. As masterpieces by themselves. You were the one who invented the story of that miniature. You could imagine the colours it has, the environment around it… Everything! 

And after evolving from that last concept, here we are. Miniatures with high quality. Sculptures that sometimes don’t need to be painted. 

Both if you like to paint and collect figures, it’s a great time to love miniatures. We’ll see what the future holds for us.