Chloe – Bring back the 80s


High-Resin miniature kit, 4 parts. 95mm 1/12 bust.

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This is not a toy and require assembly.


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Chloe box art Arnau

“Chloe has a strong personality and her coolness speaks by itself. She could be the first girl you fell in love in high school or maybe the friend you wanted to have. Either way, this bust is going to make you dream about the 80’s so hard you almost hear the music in her walkman.

“Oh yeah! School finished. Let’s put the earphones on and rise the volume up. Wait! Rewind to that great song again cause life is short, you know? Now I can feel all cool walking down the hallway and I’m not going to give a damm about homework…What now? Something about throwing away my gum, teacher? Nope, I think I can’t hear you…See yah.”

Use your brushes but do it with style!”

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