The Prince Of Kunlun- 54mm



We can’t guarantee when the next wave will come out (if come out someday). 

High-Resin miniature kit, 16 parts. 54mm scale (66mm real size).

This is not a toy and require assembly.

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We bring to you an amazing project.

The Prince of Kunlun is a reboot of our Kickstarter project. Thanks to you, we create a miniature that comes with amazing gifts.

An exclusive painting tutorial and so much more awaits you.

prince of kunlun render

An exclusive limited miniature, we are going to produce only 50 copies now!

We listened to your feedback and…thanks to these changes you can get your Prince plus all the stretch goals!

the prince of kunlun miniature

As an special gift for you, we design a Step By Step tutorial with Rogland Studio that will help you to improve your painting skills and became a better artist.

You can follow his recipes and way of work with our miniature to a higher success.

We are producing only 50 copies.

 We can’t guarantee when the next wave will come out (if come out someday). So hurry up and get yours!

The Prince of Kunlun is the first of a lineage. The Sedibus line will be an exclusive and limited line, where only the best of the family will have a place. Sedibus miniatures will always have a limited number of copies. In addition, they will always be miniatures with a lot of detail and great personality.

With The Prince we had in mind an original miniature, which mixed ancient and modern Asia.The most beautiful thing about this project is that it has the brand of freshness and innovation that we always pursue. And at the same time, leaves room for you to create what you want.

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