Terms and Conditions

1.The following general conditions of sale included in the “Law of Society Services of Information and Electronic Commerce ” ( LSSICE ) are designed to regulate the contractual relationship between Break the mold born sale and the user uses the web breakthemoldminiatures.com
2.Both the use of the website and the acquisition of the products displayed on this implies the acceptance, without reservation , of these general conditions.
3.This website is intended exclusively for adults and purchase by minors is not allowed.
4.The products offered on this website are NOT TOYS . For security they are intended for over 14 years.
It requires a delicate assembly preparation and so special attention and care is recommended. It is exclusive responsibility of handling customer.

The process may be conducted only in English or Spanish.
Once you have accessed the online store, the recruitment process will follow the following steps:
•  Select the product to purchase.
•  Check the general data of the order and the information on the shipping costs.
•  Fill out the contact form, shipping and billing.
• To make the payment, it will connect with the payment gateway (with secure protocol).
•  Final Order Summary and confirmation.
In any case, Break the Mold inform the user, once the purchase procedure is completed, via email regarding all features: price, delivery and order tracking.

5.1 Cancellations are accepted up to 1 hour after checkout.Please, be aware that once your order is shipped you can not cancel it.

The price applicable to each product will be published on the website, and applied automatically by the purchasing process in the last phase.
Break the Mold reserves the right to change its price list and offers without prior notice.
For information on ordering, the user will have email Break the Mold. In any case, it must be indicated in the message subject the order number that was assigned and indicated in the email confirmation of purchase.
The prices indicated for each product include applicable taxes by country. Not include shipping, handling, packaging, shipping insurance or any other facilities or any other type of tax, fee, fee or surcharge.

7.1 Under Directive 2011/83 / EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 25 October 2011 on the rights of consumers, Directive 93/13 / EEC and amending Directive 1999/44 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council and Council Directive 85/577 / EEC and Directive 97/7 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council repealing, the following points were established:
The user has the right of withdrawal on items purchased on the website belonging to Break the Mold .
The user may return items purchased within 14 calendar days from the day following the day of receipt of the article by the intended transport service. In the event that the order was made up of several items and the items they had been sent separately, within 14 calendar days for a refund begin to run from the day following that on which receive through service corresponding transport, the last of the items in your order. After this period, the products shall be considered as compliant and accepted by the customer can not claim.
The user, prior to any return, you must inform the customer service department of Break the Mold btmminiatures@gmail.com bringing order number. Advance notice is essential.
7.2 Users may exercise their right to withdrawal in case of receipt:
Wrong, defective products with defects caused not by the carrier: The user may request to be sent a new right item without damage or to be reinstated the total amount paid (cost of the item plus shipping) by the same way in which payment was made. If the user chooses to be sent a new article, Break the Mold bear the costs (cost of new items and shipping costs).
No wrong and flawless products: Users may exercise their right to return products without flaws, and request to be reinstated the total amount of the item. The costs of shipping the item may not be reinstated to the user, and the costs of shipping by the user to Break the Mold borne by the user also will be not reinstated. It will proceed to refund the product cost (except payment method commisions) after receiving the item by Break the Mold, in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

7.3 For all international orders, you will need to pay for all import taxes, duties and fees (if any) as per your country’s governing laws in order to clear customs.If you dont want to pay this kind of fee, Break The Mold is free of responsability and can´t refund any of the product cost, shipping or additional fees

7.4 We don´t send packages to PO BOXES.

8. Additional Information

8.1.The user is responsible of the shipping and billing information. The user could only make changes to this information within 12 Hours from the moment of the order. If this information is incorrect or the shipping company can not reach that destination due misinformation or missing user at the destination, the user must carry any additional fees and cost for the delivery of the package.

If the user don´t want to pay additional fees, Break the Mold will only refund the product cost (except payment fees) and under not circumstances this will included shipping cost.The user exempt Break The Mold from any responsability due shipping information or missing user at the destination.

8.2. The user exempt Break The Mold from any error on the items occured due to the purchasing process. If the user get the wrong quantity of items or wrong items, Break The Mold will make a refund for the wrong items except payment fees and any extra fees required for the task of processing the order.

9. Modification of Terms and Conditions, Cookies, and Privacy Policy.

Break The Mold could change  this information at any time and without notice.

10. Contract Clauses

If any of the present contract clauses is null and void or anulable by an official organitation, that specifically clause will not null the rest of this contract.

*Please be aware that Break the Mold is not responsible for the courier company and their handling of the package.In case of lost or damage product, we will try to make our best  but are not responsible in any way.We don´t take responsibility of the extra fees and customs that the package may suffer on the shipping process.