The gentle song of the river, the wind that swayes the reeds of the shore and the occasional splash ingall of the fish as they jump… It transports you to an unknown destination.

We bring you good and bad news. The good news is that we have an exceptional figure for you. The bad one, that you’ll have to wait until February 18th (it’s not much time either, is it?) 

concept art prince of kunlun

As a banner of the new line we bring you the Prince of Kunlun. We wanted to make a figure with a lot of detail but at the same time that offers multiple painting options. Inspired by Asian culture, we combine modernity and tradition. A few drops of rebellion mixed with the power of a large family…

Illustrated by Iván Sánchez (@BlocSánchez on social media) and sculpted by Raúl García Latorre (@raulatorre). The finesse of the details will take you straight to the exotic Kunlun Valley. 

In the meantime we have all the information about this Kickstarter and what awaits you. 

All about The Prince of Kunlun

150 copies + limited gifts

High quality

Kickstarter starts on 18th February

Shipping on May

Track and secure shipping


This miniature is included in our new line: Sedibus.

sedibus KickstarterIt’s a range of exclusive miniatures and they will always have a lot of finesse and detail. The miniatures of this line will always represent people with power and people who stand out clearly. They may not fit the typical power figures we have in mind, but they will be a twist of our favorite concepts. Representing the majestic of this line, they will be couple with a packaging perfect for them. Besides, they will bring some extra surprises. But those mysteries will be unveiled with each of the projects…

The Kickstarter will start on the 18th of February and will last for two weeks. So stay tuned! Because there will be an early bird only for the first 24 hours. In addition, we will update throughout the project both on the Kickstarter page itself and on our social media. And of course, we will answer any doubts you have.

See you February 18th!